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Have you been offered a settlement agreement? was launched in July 2013 by a national journalist to provide easy to understand guides for employees about settlement agreements. Now working with a team of employment solicitors the site has helped thousands of employees to learn about settlement agreements and get advice from an employment solicitor. Call to speak to a solicitor on 0800 088 4021 or request a call back.

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What clients say: "Tom was highly professional, very knowledgeable and gave excellent guidance and advice during what was a difficult and stressful time. Always quick to reply to any queries - no matter how large or small".


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"Paul was recommended to me by a colleague and I soon realised why. I needed accurate, expert, specialist advice, quickly, which is exactly what I received. He's trustworthy, professional, smart and knowledgeable, as well as kind, helpful and supportive."


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"Richard, thank you so much for your assistance and support in concluding my settlement agreement. After contacting you, I felt relieved and much more confident of my position. The time you took in explaining the process, reviewing the offer and conditions meant that ultimately the outcome was significantly better than I had expected. "


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"Iain was a great pillar of support and expertise during my settlement agreement. His professionalism was of the highest standards and he responded and acted swiftly at all times. My outcome was greatly enhanced by his contribution."


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David was excellent to deal with. The service that he provided was immensely appreciated and effective with the eventually (and efficiently) reached settlement being something I was more than satisfied with.


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Excellent service from Euan. Attention to detail and simple explanations of complex legal jargon were first class - very impressed and will come back to use you again when and if the need arises.



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Settlement Agreement Guides

Settlement Agreement Guide for Employees

This is a great place to start if you're new to settlement agreements or want a quick and easy starter guide.

Calculate your Settlement

This guide will help you to work our how much you should receive in your settlement agreement.

Redundancy and Settlement Agreements

This easy to read guide explains everything from what makes a redundancy fair / unfair to voluntary redundancies and large-scale group / collective redundancy

Tax, Termination Payments and Settlements

There's a myth that all settlement agreement payments can be paid tax free (up to £30,000). Sadly, it's not that simple. This guide explains what's taxable.

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