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Settlementagreement.co.uk was founded by Joanne O’Connell, a freelance consumer affairs journalist, who has written for several major national newspapers and magazines. After writing about work and money issues for several years, she set the site up as a helpful resource for anyone who wants to learn more about settlement agreements.

There are free guides and articles on many aspects of the process, including a guide to settlement agreements, which looks at the typical terms in the agreements and what they mean. The guides and articles are editorial (and they are not dependent on advertising) and while they do not constitute legal advice, the aim is to be really helpful and informative. 

After working with the employment team at Blacks Solicitors LLP (including on editorial and marketing), Joanne O’Connell was impressed by the high level of service and expertise it offered. Blacks Solicitors LLP is based in Leeds and services clients nationally. While a meeting can be arranged, if necessary, many settlement agreements are able to be dealt with speedily and efficiently over the phone and email. In many cases, Blacks Solicitors LLP is able to turn matters around in the space of 24 hours.

Blacks Solicitors LLP now effectively leases the website and – as you can see from the site – it offers consumers the option of a free initial call with its employment team. There is no obligation for consumers to call/contact Blacks Solicitors LLP and they are of course free to contact any solicitor they wish. Joanne O’Connell remains the editor of the site.

Please feel free to read the guides and we hope you find them of use.

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The contents of the site are for guidance only and do no constitute legal or other advice. If you require advice on a particular matter you should consult a solicitor.

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