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Settlement Agreement Calculator
Need to calculate how much your settlement should be? Well, the thing is, every situation is different. You can't punch some numbers into a machine and come up with the answer to life, the universe and everything. BUT this 'Calculate your Settlement Guide', written by a specialist employment solicitor,...
derogatory settlement agreement
I am leaving my employment under a settlement agreement and it contains a clause which states that I will not say anything bad about my employer after the termination of my employment. Can they stop me doing this and what would happen if I spoke about them after I’ve...
If you’ve been offered a settlement agreement your immediate reaction may be: ‘I’ve no problem keeping everything confidential’. However, some settlement agreements go further than some employees would like when it comes to gagging them. Breach the agreement and you may lose the termination payment. You may even face court action for...
Settlement Agreement Dictionary
Don’t understand some of the words in your settlement agreement? You’re not alone. From Protected Conversations to Restrictive Covenants; Settlement Agreements are packed with legal jargon. In fact, that’s partly why the law requires an employee to take independent legal advice before signing an agreement: it’s so a lawyer...

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