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Being offered a settlement agreement can be stressful. Have you got a good deal, can you negotiate for more, and is there anything else you’ve missed or should be worried about?

It’s not uncommon to ask these questions. We know, because every year we help employees from across the UK with settlement agreements.

You’re in safe hands

We are a nationally recognised team of employment solicitors. We are recommended by the Legal 500 and our solicitors are members of the Employment Law Association.

Richard a solicitor in our settlement agreement team and he looks after people in and around Dartford.

Fast settlement agreement sign-off service

We understand that some clients are happy with the deal and want to solicitor to quickly sign-off the settlement agreement with as little fuss and cost as possible. If that’s you, we can normally provide very quick turnarounds and limit our costs to the level your employer contributes. That means you pay nothing and we send our invoice straight to your employer.

But we always check the agreement and will advise you let you know what the agreement means and the effect it will have on you. And if there’s a problem or risk with the way its drafted we will advise you.

A better deal

If you’re unsure whether the offer is enough and would like help negotiating, an employment solicitor will talk this through with you. This service sometimes entails additional costs and funding options, including a no-win-no fee arrangement (where no fee is charged unless there is a financial uplift in your deal) can be considered if you wish.




IMPORTANT: The contents of this page are general guidance only and should not therefore be regarded as constituting legal or other advice or recommendations. You are free to instruct any solicitor you wish.

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