British workers ‘don’t have time’ for their full holiday allowance

Almost half the British workforce do not use their full holiday allowance because “they don’t have the time” according to new research.

In a study, which looked at attitudes towards using holiday allowance, work/life balance and time management skills, one in seven people said they did not use their full holiday allowance last year, losing an average of 4.6 days a year.

Almost half (49%) of those who don’t use their holiday allowance feel as if they don’t have the time, while 44% said they can’t afford to take the time off work, said the study.

The research also revealed that one in five (19%) of British who do not use the full holiday entitlement regret doing so, and over a third (37%) regret working long hours which leads them to missing out on socialising and me-time.  For those who do use their full holiday allowance, a third regret not switching off and spending an hour a day checking work emails.

When it comes to time management skills, one in eight (16%) of Brits say they have poor management skills in both their work and personal life. Five and a half hours a week are spent making small talk in the office, six hours every week are spent commuting to the office, and four hours are spent sat in traffic, says the report by Monarch Airlines.

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